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Memories of Meals Past: Sesame Ginger Bok Choy, at long last

Served up casserole-style over some rice, and lookin' fiiiine!

Served up casserole-style over some rice, and lookin’ fiiiine!

It’s Thursday, and I’ve remembered that fact just in time to post a Memories of Meals Past post (my version of Throwback Thursday). I’ve been promising a bok choy recipe for a while now (here, here, here, and here for instance), and finally a few weeks ago I actually made the dish AND remembered to photograph it! So share it with you, I shall!

This is by far my favourite bok choy dish, and it can be served as a side dish by itself, or as a main dish with rice. There isn’t any protein in the dish, but hey, eat a few lentil salad sprinkles as a snack after dinner, and you’re good to go!

This recipe is very easy, and was a hit when I made it for a Christmas party for I hosted for my friends from the non-profit sector where I used to work. I found the recipe on Chowhound, and as opposed to this one, it’s actually pretty much perfect!

Want the recipe? Here it is!

Want another photo? Voila!

Stir-frying up the whole mess. Greens, get into mah belleh!

Stir-frying up the whole mess. Greens, get into mah belleh!

Happy Thursday, peeps! Tomorrow is Friday, and then it’s the weekend, and time to party! Or time to cook and eat delicious things. Ideally, time to party while eating delicious things. What are your weekend plans? Let me know in the comments!

Next Post: Vanilla Rum Rice Pudding! O.M.G. so good, and made in a slow cooker, so O.M.G. so easy!  

Salads I Have Known & Loved: Lentil Salad Sprinkles, Blog Traffic, and a Contest Entry

Sprinkled right out the jar!

Sprinkled right out the jar!

In my on-going quest for foodie fame, fortune, and blog traffic, I’ve decided to enter a contest. I heard about it through the Canadian Food Bloggers, a group of which I’m a member, and I thought it would be a great way to try something new in terms of food as well as my blogging.

The contest is called the “Canadian Lentils Recipe Revelations Contest Challenge 2015” (a bit of a mouthful, eh? <– look, already my Canadian-isms are coming out! That’s worth a point…eh? *giggling to self because self is funny*), and is put on by the Saskatchewan Pulse Growers. Which is a non-profit that I didn’t know existed but apparently does. Did you know that there are over 18,000 pulse growers in Saskatchewan? Neither did I. (I now envision Saskatchewan as one giant pulse farm, fyi. Green sprouty things as far as the eye can see!)

I also didn’t know exactly what a pulse was. In case you don’t either, it’s a “leguminous crop”. That totally clears it up, right? No? Basically, it’s a legume, like chickpeas, beans, and peas. Or, as I like to say, it’s ‘bean-ish’. “Leguminous crop” vs ‘bean-ish’. I think my explanation wins.

I checked out the website, and wow, was I ever surprised! I had no idea that you could put lentils into so many things! Baking delicious baked goods? Throw in some cooked lentils for extra fibre. Cooking savoury stews? Throw in some lentils for thickener. You’d never know the dish contained lentils, and you’d be healthier for it!

Speaking of healthy, I’ve mentioned before that I have IBS, so I eat a lot of salad for the fibre (where am I going with this? You’ll see!) As well, I’m a vegetarian, and I tend to be low in iron, which lentils actually have quite a bit of (a 1/2 c. contains about 1/2 the iron one needs each day). I also need to eat some more non-dairy protein (I rely a bit too much on probiotic Greek yoghurt for my protein), and lentils get about 30% of their calories from protein. As such, lentils are kind of the perfect food for me!

But…aren’t they kind of blah? Not so, my friend! Sure, if you only eat lentils in lentil soup, or as a mealy side dish, then yes, you’d get sick of them. But they don’t have to be boring!

I made…lentil salad sprinkles! That’s right, they’re a crispy, savoury snack that can be sprinkled on top of salad, to pump up the fibre, protein, and iron of your salad, while still managing to taste delicious!

You think I jest? Try out this easy peasy recipe!

ready for roasting

Ready for roasting! Add in seasoning at will. Mix it up! This batch will be savoury. But…what about a sweet batch? Of course, my mind goes straight to chocolate covered lentils. I wonder if that’s a thing?

Savoury Lentil Salad Sprinkles

  • 1 c. cooked lentils
  • 1 tbsp. olive oil (you can use vegetable oil, but olive oil is healthier)
  • 1 tsp. garlic powder
  • 1 tsp. chili powder
  • 1/2 tsp. curry powder
  • 1 tsp. cumin
  • salt and pepper to taste 

Mix all ingredients together. Spread out in a thin layer on a foil-lined cookie tray, and bake for 15 min. at 375 degrees. Stir them all up and spread them out again, and bake for another 10-15 minutes. They should be dry and crispy, but not burnt. Let cool, sprinkle on salad, and enjoy!

I’ve brought these to work and had colleagues rave about them. Think wasabi peas without the wasabi, but just as savoury and crunchy and yummy and with some heat and just hitting the spot! My first batch is already gone and I plan on making another asap, because a) healthy, b) delicious, and c) easy — it’s a cooking trifecta! In other words…make them! And then eat them and be smugly healthy.

Next Post: Finally, my bok choy dish! Or…slow cooker vanilla rice pudding? Probably bok choy. Is sooo good! But then, so is the vanilla rice pudding! Decisions, decisions.

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Having My Cake and Eating It Too, or Mad About The Boy

Wedding cake! Red velvet with some sort of raspberry cream filling. I think.

Wedding cake! Red velvet with some sort of raspberry cream filling. I think.

Today was my first wedding anniversary. Yes, I’ve only been married for one year, but by the same token…I’ve been married for a year!

The DH and I did lots of celebratory stuff today, including brunch at a Canadian-themed restaurant (as our wedding theme was a Canadian one – snow, anyone?) and culminating with my family coming over to eat the top layer of our wedding cake.

We had taken the top tier and wrapped it well, stuck it in the freezer, and froze it solid, and then defrosted it a day prior to eating. As it was covered in fondant, it froze particularly well. My mum said it was as though it had been baked yesterday.

The DH’s mom lives elsewhere, so we took lots of photos to send to her. My favourite photo? The one of my dad and the DH trying to muscle each other out of the way in the kitchen, so that they could do the dishes. I very happily sat on the couch and left them to it. As I told my mum, times have changed, haven’t they?

I still do the majority of the dishes in our household, although the DH would argue otherwise, and frankly, the only time we ever fuss at each other, it’s over those dishes! I like cooking, the DH and I both like eating, but neither of us likes washing the dishes.  To my way of thinking, if this is the biggest issue in our marriage, we are so golden, we’re practically platinum!

I don’t really have a recipe to share with you today, so I’m posting this under ‘blatherings’, but, well, I was celebrating with food, so this post kind of fits into foodie blog theme, right?

Ooh, know what? I’ll give you the DH’s fruit salad recipe. He gets up earlier for work than I do, and he likes to surprise me sometimes with “fruit flowers”. Basically, a fruit plate arranged in the shape of a fruit flower, or a fruit snowflake, or just a pretty design.

Want to see the fruit flower he made for me this morning?

I much prefer this for breakfast over anything else. Fresh fruit, plated with love -- what else could I ask for?

I much prefer this for breakfast over anything else. Fresh fruit, plated with love — what else could I ask for?

Isn’t it purty? I heart him!

Fruit Flower Salad

  • Mixed berries and slices of fruit
  • Dash of creativity
  • Lots of love

Create a geometric design with the fruit, and plate. Serve with lots of love. (And possibly a kiss or two!)

Next Post: Enough with the mushiness. On with the pulses! And the salad. And the trying to increase blog traffic.

Postscript: I’ve got social media on my site now! Check out the share buttons above and below this post, and follow me on twitter and pinterest! This totally ties into this post, because I got the DH to fix/add code by trading him dish-washing duties. He’s probably going to be mortified that I posted this. He he. Happy Anniversary, darling!