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Blueberry Cheesecake and Burnt Pots: One of These Things Just Doesn’t Belong

Just get in my mouth already!

Just get in my mouth already!

I made this dessert last week, but have been so tired lately that I just didn’t get around to posting about it. Every now and then I become anemic if I’m not watching my iron intake, and the last few weeks I’ve just been super-tired, so I’m pretty sure I’m mildly anemic again (time for some more kale smoothies!). That said, tiredness didn’t stop me from baking the dessert, nor did it stop me from eating it! (As if. Ha!)

This luscious looking dessert is the Blueberry Corn Cheesecake that my bake-a-long group is baking this week from Dorie Greenspan’s Baking Chez Moi cookbook. As you can see, I left out the corn because I didn’t have it. Also, I couldn’t get my mind around adding corn to a blueberry cheesecake.

Basically, it’s a shortbread crust (yum!), filled with a cheesecake mixture. The recipe calls for mixing in some whipped cream, and it does make the filling much lighter than your average cheesecake. The topping is a combination of blueberries and corn, simmered with rosemary and citrus zest. I just boiled up some blueberries, sugar, and water, and then…stepped away from the stove for a minute, at which point the mixture burnt so thoroughly that it took me days to scrub the pot clean. (We shall never talk of this again.) So I topped the cheesecake with some homemade blueberry jam and called it good.

Cheesecake looking very forkable.

Cheesecake looking very forkable.

Was it good? Well, it disappeared in 24 hours. (I mean I had to taste it, then another slice for dessert, then a midnight snack, packed some for my lunch and for the DH’s lunch, ate some for breakfast, ate some for  a pre-dinner snack, and….gone. Much to the DH’s dismay when he came home for dinner and saw the empty tart pan. Hey, to the baker goes the spoils!) That said, I don’t think I’ll make it again. I found the filling a tad sweet, and I actually prefer a more solid cheesecake as opposed to the fluffy filling that this one had.

Still…blueberry cheesecake! Any way you slice it, that’s a win!

Next Post: Homemade Yoghurt? Sprouted lentils? Or Mini Skor Cupcakes? It’s all about the balance!

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“Esquimaux Pops” and Why Easier Sometimes Wins Out Over Fancier

slightly melty but oh so yummy

Slightly melty but oh so yummy! If you look closely at the photo, you’ll realize that I tasted the ice cream pops before I took the photo. Hey, quality control, right?

It’s been swelteringly hot here in Toronto this past week, with the humidex hovering in the low 40’s. This is just not my jam. I go from air-conditioned home to air-conditioned work and back again, and still it’s too hot for me. Which is why when I realized that my bake-a-long group was making “Equimaux Pops” this week (from Dorie Greenspan’s Baking Chez Moi cookbook), I was ALLLLLL over that!

I researched popsicle molds online and found some gorgeous ones, but in the end I settled for expediency and just bought one from the dollar store. I do not recommend this, as after this recipe, the mold is going straight into my garage sale/donation pile. Sometimes it’s worth it to invest in a nice piece of equipment. But I couldn’t justify the expense to myself for just one recipe, so a plastic dollar store mold had to suffice!

These popsicles are basically ice cream on a stick, but a grown-up version, tasting like alcohol and studded with chunks of chocolate. I was tempted to do as Dorie suggests and dunk them in a coating of hard crack chocolate (i.e. “magic shell”), as it would have made it so much yummier, but really, do you think I had the patience for that? Ha!

We interrupt this blog post for a Very Important Kitchen Hack: mix coconut oil and chocolate chips together, 2/3 unit coconut oil for every 1 unit chocolate chips, and you’ll have made yourself some chocolate shell! Bam, done!

Mixing up the yumminess!

Mixing up the yumminess!

The ice cream itself is made using raw eggs, so Dorie stresses that they have to be very fresh. Personally, I’m not too concerned with salmonella, as I’ve never seen someone get it in my lifetime, but I suspect a lot of people will be turned off this recipe simply because of the raw egg. The eggs are separated and the egg white whipped, while the egg yolk is mixed with sugar and other delicious things. Then they’re all mixed together with some whipped cream, and the chocolate chunks (I used mini chocolate chips) are folded in.

Freeze, release them from the molds, and enjoy!

We interrupt this blog post again for a Very Important Kitchen Instruction: to release popsicles from molds, run hot water over the mold or sink the mold into a bowl of hot water, until the popsicles can be pulled out. No wrestling with unwieldly molds, yay!

These ice cream pops are definitely a grown-up treat, as the alcohol flavour comes through splendidly (I used rum, and oh yeah, baby! is all I can say). Would I made this again? Probably not, just because they’re a bit of a pain to mix together and I think it’s much easier just to make ice cream using my standard whipping cream, rum, and condensed milk recipe.

That said, they did cool me off considerably when I ate them post-work for several evenings! Should I call it dessert or should I call it dinner? Eh, potato, potahto!

Next Post: Skor Mini Cupcakes? Bite-sized cupcakes of Skor delight! Probably. Unless something else delicious catches my eye.

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Memories of Meals Past…and Future, Because this Sandwich Bread Recipe is Just That Good!

Freshly baked homemade bread, all sliced and ready to be devoured!

Freshly baked homemade bread, all sliced and ready to be devoured!

A few weeks ago, I came across a recipe for a sandwich bread (Amish Sweet Bread) which the writer said sliced easily. I had yet to find the perfect homemade bread recipe (although I have figured out the perfect dinner roll) so I thought I’d try it out. It does make a sweeter bread, but you can adjust the sugar to your taste. Personally, I love it with all the sugar in it, but I do admit to having a serious sweet tooth.

This bread? So. Good. Ohmigosh, soooo good! I’ve made at least six loaves since I first came across the recipe. Each batch makes two loaves, which is perfect for me; I can eat one over the next few days while it’s fresh, and slice and freeze the second one so I can eat extra yummy homemade toast at midnight. It’s a total midnight snacking win!

This bread slices so easily, and is great for sandwiches. I’ve made cheese sandwiches with it and they really make lunchtime that much better! I’ve also taken the bread camping and made grilled cheese sandwiches. My sister was with me and the bread was so good that she didn’t even wait for the sandwich to be grilled — she just ate it un-grilled! And then wished I had brought more so that she could have another sandwich, but this time grilled. So yes, it’s good bread!

Lately, I’ve been eating this bread with homemade jam too. I came across a really easy Vanilla Apricot Jam recipe that doesn’t even require pectin. The ingredients? Apricots, sugar, lemon juice, and vanilla extract. If you’ve never made jam before, try this one and you’ll be a home-canning convert! It’s easy, and most importantly, it’s DELICIOUS!

But back to the bread. In my next batch, I’m going to replace some of the water with some whey leftover from my latest batch of homemade yoghurt. Whey is high in protein and other nutrients, and hey, waste not, want not! (Also, healthy, and I’m all for that.)

In closing, make this bread! Seriously. That is all!

Next Post: Should I post about my Skor Mini Cupcakes? Or a Blueberry Cream Cheese Tart? Mmm…delicious choices!

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