Disclosure Policy

2019 spelled out in candy.

Sweet, sweet sugar!

Hi! I’ll be honest, as much as I love blogging, there are costs involved. And, I’d love to one day earn a steady income from this blog. But that means…monetizing it!

How do I plan to monetize it, while remaining honest to my values and transparent to you, my dear readers?

Margaret’s Plan to Monetize & EarnĀ  Mo’ Money:

  • sponsored posts
  • affiliate links
  • ads, sidebar and in post
  • stretch goal: I hope to one day create a product
  • super-duper BHAG: cookbook deal! (Hey, I’m just putting my wish out there into the world. If you never try, you’ll never succeed, amirite?)

So this is my promise to you. If I am paid to blog about a product or a service, I will let you know. I will only write about products that I genuinely use and think are useful and/or tasty. (Tasty is very important, yes?) I will only run ads for things/products/services that I think are useful, and will only create products that I think are genuinely useful and worthwhile. So. That’s my promise to you. We cool?

And of course, all opinions expressed on this blog, are mine and mine alone, etc. etc. ad infinitum more small print to come.

Big hugs (and chocolate kisses),


p.s. – Want to know more about my privacy policy? Check out my GPDR-compliant privacy policy here!