Memories of Meals Past: Chili-Topped Loaded Baked Potato

Whatever-is-in-the-fridge topped baked potato. It's what's for dinner!

Whatever-is-in-the-fridge topped baked potato. It’s what’s for dinner!

I made this chili-topped loaded baked potato for dinner maybe a year and a half ago, and it was pretty tasty! It had never occurred to me to top baked potatoes with anything like chili, as I grew up with plain baked potatoes — no unhealthy (albeit tasty!) sour cream and bacon bits and such for my family. And when I was trying to find some low-fat recipes for the DH and I for dinner one time, I came across this recipe. Actually, I think it was another recipe, to be honest. If I remember my browser history from a year and a half ago, it was another site, although I had looked at this site too. Unless this site had a makeover between then and now. Only her webmaster knows for sure!

Oh, and obviously I just used a regular potato and whatever low-fat toppings I had in the house. Which I think was some leftover homemade chili, mushrooms from an olive bar, cilantro, avocado, and tomato. Was really good! Almost like a salad, except with more chili and baked potato. And if there’s salad, my stomach is a happy camper!

Next Post: Boeterkoekjes — oh so good! And my Dutch heritage.

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    1. Margaret Post author

      Thanks, Karin! I’m totally going to start soon. And then I’ll pin all my recipes (and yours — those sourdough pancakes of yours look so yum!).


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