Memories of Meals Past: Danish Butter Cookies

Crunchy bits of buttery delight!

Crunchy bits of buttery delight!

Every now and then I like to send in some of my baking to the DH’s workplace. I like to bake for the experience of it, to try out a new recipe or a new technique. But as much as I like to eat my baking, I also like to fit into my clothes. So I bake and then I send it off with the DH to work! Makes me happy, makes the DH happy, and apparently also makes his colleagues happy. Win, win, yes? *grin*

And speaking of baking, the latest baking I’ve done is to try out a Danish Butter Cookie recipe than I found on Pinterest the other night. (And in this household, insomnia = Pinterest surfing = lists of recipe I want to try = too many baked goods for me and the DH to eat by ourselves.)

I love those Danish butter cookies that come in those blue tins. I’m sure you know the ones I mean! I could happily crunch through a dozen of those with a glass of milk. So when I found this recipe, I was very happy! This is the fastest recipe for cookie dough that I have ever come across — you literally dump everything in a mixer, mix it for a minute, and you’re done. I considered using a cookie press, but ended up just using a piping bag with a star tip. It took some squeezing to get the dough out of the piping bag, but once I got the hang of it, it came out just fine.

I did have to pipe a double layer of dough in order to get the shape I wanted, as they do sort of melt and spread in the oven, but once I did that, it was great.

The flavour is nice, but not QUITE as buttery as I’d like it to taste. That said, there’s an entire cup of butter in it, and any more and the cookies wouldn’t hold their shape.

My rating? Four whisks up! Because it’s easy to mix, and pipe (would be super-easy in a cookie press), and bake. And it has a nice delicate crunch! You could easily top these with coarse sugar to really get that butter cookie look, but I like them as it.

Milk and cookies, anyone?

Next Post: Something with vegetables, for realz. My fridge is full of vegetables and my Pinterest sleuthing has inspired me!

2 thoughts on “Memories of Meals Past: Danish Butter Cookies

  1. tiffany

    you should try adding butter extract. it smells a bit weird in the bottle but it works well for recipes you really want to taste buttery. i use it in nonfat baking so items still taste like theres butter in them.

    1. Margaret Post author

      Thanks, Tiffany! Any suggestion as to the amount I should use? I actually do have a bottle of the stuff, but only tried it once and didn’t feel it did much. But I’ll try it again, as I’m going to make some spritz cookies tomorrow. Thanks again!


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