Memories of Meals Past: Hungarian Sour Cream Rolls with Flax Seed

It’s 2 am on Friday morning, but I haven’t gone to bed yet. Insomnia and I are having such a good time together that we can’t bear to part. At least that’s what it tells me. My response was  slightly more creative and may have also included the odd hand gesture.

But this means that I can do the throw-back Thursday thing without being late, because I haven’t gone to bed yet! That’s how it works right? No? Well, my blog, my rules, so Memories of Meals Past is it!

Today’s delicious memory, as pulled from my computer files and the memory banks of the mind, is a recipe for Hungarian Sour Cream Rolls, which I made when I was searching for a way to avoid having some sour cream go to waste. Because wasting food just ain’t my bag, baby.

Served with Strawberry and Cabernet Sauvignon Freezer Jam. Because I am that awesome.

Served with Strawberry and Cabernet Sauvignon Freezer Jam. Because I am that awesome.

Click on recipe title in the previous paragraph for a link to the original recipe. Which, of course, I modified, because that IS my bag, baby. I added  in maybe 1/3 c. to 1/2 c. freshly ground flax and I also sprinkled the top of the rolls with more of the same. I had gotten a great deal on several bags of flax seeds at a factory outlet near my former workplace and am now adding them (after grinding them, because that’s what allows us to absorb the benefits) to everything in sight.

I’m hoping that the omega-fatty-acids will boost my brain power to stratospheric heights, or, you know, help keep me healthy. Whether they do or not, as a vegetarian, it can only be a good thing to ingest omega-fatty-acids, so I’m all in. I’ve finished the first of two bags, and that was while pushing them on all interested family members and adding ground flax to everything. Smoothie? Add that flax! Baking? Add some flax! Cereal? Flax it up! Must. Use. Up. The. Flax! (It does come in handy when I’m out of eggs though, as I can then make a flax egg.)

The buns were awesome! I think I froze some to eat later on in the next week or two with soup (this soup would be a great match) and the DH and I enjoyed fresh buns with fresh jam for the next few days. Mmm…that jam. But that’s another Memory for another post!

Next Post: Quiche, quoth the Raven. Ever more! (with apologies to Edgar Allan Poe).

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