Memories of Meals Past: Berry Crostada with Vanilla Ice Cream

Ok, so I want to try a different sort of throwback Thursday thingy. I’m going to post a picture of a dish that I’ve made, along with a link to the recipe (if I can find the recipe!) so you can make it too. And if I don’t have a link, I’ll ask for yays or nays in the comments on whether to make a post about how to make that particular dish a blog post in itself.

Today’s picture: Berry Crostada with Vanilla Ice Cream! Sooo good! I used this recipe as a starting point, for the crust, and then just added whatever fruit I had in my freezer. I had blueberries and strawberries, so berry crostada it was! And it’s in keeping with the recent Pie Crust Odyssey theme!

I sometimes notice that when I take fruit out of the freezer, it seems to get extra liquidy when I cook it. I’m not entirely sure why. Does the water from washing them before freezing, unless I towel dry them, make for extra liquid when cooking? Whatever the reason, that was the case here. It was just too liquidy a filling, so I added a bunch more cornstarch. And flour. I didn’t realize that cooking the cornstarch/flour would make it thicker, so I made a filling I thought was properly thick, and then added it to the crust and baked it.

A  filling that was a tad gelatinous was my result! Ah well, it’s always an experiment. Still super delicious! The cornmeal in the crust made for a particularly flaky pie. You can even see the flakiness in the photo. Was soooo good!

Want! Pie! Now! Also ice cream.

Want! Pie! Now! Also ice cream.

If you guys try this recipe out, let me know in the comments! Also tell me why frozen berries get extra watery when defrosted. Thanking you in advance,

I remain,

Chief Cook and Bottlewasher

Next Post: Pie Odyssey continues, for realz this time.

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