Nutella Rice Krispie Squares — Kid-riffic! Also great for your neighbourhood chocoholic.

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn A number of weeks ago, my on-line bake-a-long group made a recipe involving Nutella. While the recipe only called for a small amount of Nutella, I, being the chocoholic that I am, managed to eat the rest myself. And promptly bought another jar. I couldn’t eat the entire second jar by […]

Nutella Buttons, and Why I Will Never Be A Skinny-Minny

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Earlier this week, I popped my head into the DH’s man-cave and shook a jar of Nutella in his face. Me: Sweetie, don’t eat any more Nutella! Because I need it for a recipe. DH: I haven’t had any. Me: But it’s half gone! DH: I haven’t had any, I swear. […]

Easy Dutch Chocolate Cupcakes & What To Do When You Run Out of Icing Sugar

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn I had a milestone birthday last week (and no, I won’t be telling you my age. I like some mystery in our blogging relationship, dear reader!) and one of my colleagues gave a present. Best present ever, because it was chocolate sprinkles that she picked up in a local Dutch goods […]

Tiger Cakes & The Rare Case of Too Much Chocolate!

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn It’s post-Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada, and I feel like I ate my weight in stuffing this long weekend. I did manage to go on a bit of a hike yesterday, and came home all energized and feeling good (or at least less guilty about all that – very, very delicious […]

Mini Reese’s Cupcakes: The Perfect Mouthful of Chocolate & P.B.!

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Ever since I came across the new Reese’s spread, I’ve been wanting to try it out. As 0ne of my colleagues said, it tastes exactly like the inside of a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. But more chocolate-y! So when I found a jar on double-sale (on sale at the store, plus […]