Memories of Meals Past: Pizza Pie…with Yoghurt?

Two ingredient dough with two ingredients on top. And...dinner is done!

Two ingredient dough with two ingredients on top. And…dinner is done!

I tried a new pizza dough recipe yesterday. I saw it on a “news” site, and though it sounded cool. Two ingredient pizza dough? I’m there! I figured it must have self-rising flour in it (flour with salt and baking powder already mixed in), and I was right, but I was curious as to what the other ingredient would be. Are you curious now too? It was…wait for it…yoghurt!

My reaction: a combo of “Eww” and “That makes sense!

Ew because I don’t like hearty meals with yoghurt. Unless it’s a cucumber yoghurt salad, made by my mum. Or a drained yoghurt dish, made by my dad, which ends up being very cream cheese like. Hmm. I should make that soon. I think the DH would like it. But I digress. So, yoghurt in a main dish, ew. Or so I thought.

The other half of my reaction (that makes sense!) because yoghurt is liquid dairy, and pizza dough is a type of bread, and breads often use liquids and dairy, so yes, I could see it being an ingredient in a pizza dough.

How did it turn out? Surprisingly well! It made for a relatively light dough, very different in raw texture from my favourite Easiest Pizza Dough in the History of Ever recipe. And because I used some vanilla Greek yoghurt (all I had in the house), it smelled slightly…fruity while it was baking. The DH even asked if I had put sugar in the dough. He liked it though, and had no idea there was yoghurt in it. It would be a great dough for other purposes. Maybe sprinkle some cinnamon sugar on it for a breakfast focaccia? Roll it up for cinnamon buns? Turn it into a proper olive oil and rosemary focaccia? I think I like that idea best!

Would I recommend it? Yup! It’s great in a pinch, and there’s no rising needed, and frankly, I skipped the kneading part, because eh. I do prefer my favourite pizza dough recipe though, because I like a classic yeast dough for pizza. It’s all about personal preference, I guess!

If you try one or both recipes, let me know what you think!

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