Tiger Cakes & The Rare Case of Too Much Chocolate!

Close up shot of the little cakes. Note that all the chocolate chips sunk to the bottom of the cake. Eh. Still tastes good!

Close up shot of the little cakes. Note that all the chocolate chips sunk to the bottom of the cake. Eh. Still tastes good!

It’s post-Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada, and I feel like I ate my weight in stuffing this long weekend. I did manage to go on a bit of a hike yesterday, and came home all energized and feeling good (or at least less guilty about all that – very, very delicious – stuffing). And then I realized that today is another of my bake-a-long days. (Anyone else remember the stretchy-pants episode of Friends? It suddenly feels very relevant.)

Today the Tuesdays with Dorie group is making Tiger Cakes recipe from Dorie Greenspan’s Baking Chez Moi cookbook, little almond mini cakes with chunks of chocolate (which are supposed to melt into tiger-ish stripes) with a dollop of ganache on top. V. easy, v. delicious, and v. fattening; there’s more sugar and butter in this recipe than flour or ground almonds. And that’s before one adds in the chocolate!

The batter for these cakes is easy to mix up, and includes 3/4 c. sugar and 3/4 c. melted butter. And that’s before one adds in 1/2 c. of chopped chocolate. The recipe calls for finely chopped dark chocolate, but I replaced it with chocolate chips because I used the last of my dark chocolate stash for some other recipe. (Can’t remember which, but I believe it was delicious!)

Do they look like Dorie's? Close enough, I say! Don't know how she got those perfect crunchy exteriors, but oh well.

Do they look like Dorie’s? Close enough, I say! Don’t know how she got those perfect crunchy exteriors, but oh well.

Once the little cakes are baked and cooled, one is supposed to put a bit of ganache on top. I didn’t have cream in the house and didn’t want to buy a whole container just for this recipe, so where the recipe calls for chocolate and cream to make the ganache, I subbed in chocolate chips, milk, and a spoonful of generic-Nutella. A bit gloppy as opposed to smooth, but…close enough, I think!

The DH tasted the little cakes plain (right out of the oven and before they were cooled – we’re well matched! *grin*) and liked the flavour. I tasted them without the “ganache” and with, and I have to say, I actually liked them better without the extra chocolate. It’s a rare cake that isn’t improved by chocolate in my book, but this is one of them. I was actually very impressed with the almond flavour; I tasted the batter (raw egg and all – I’m so daring! *grin*) and did a double-take and checked whether I had put in almond flavouring or vanilla, as it tasted so almond-y.

Aside from recommending them without the extra ganache, the only other comment I have about these cakes is that I didn’t find them as easy to remove from the pan as I expected them to be. Ah well. I’ve packed a container of them for work tomorrow, in an effort to avoid the stretchy-pants fate. If they’re not here, I can’t eat them, right? Even if they are delicious. So delicious.

One more can’t hurt, can it? Maybe I’ll have just one more taste….

Next Post: Pumpkin Pie, using home-canned pumpkin! Or store bought. To each, his own, oui?

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20 thoughts on “Tiger Cakes & The Rare Case of Too Much Chocolate!

  1. Nicole

    I know for sure I have to find my stretchy pants with the upcoming holidays. But when the schmeken beckons… personally I think I left my chocolate too crunchy to be stripey… not that they were any less delicious.

  2. alisa

    the cakes were quite rich without the chocolate and I almost left some plain but did not have a use for the extra ganache, so in the waste not want not theory…I also brought them to work-my coworkers finished them off!

    1. Margaret Post author

      Coworkers are great like that! 🙂 Btw, apparently ganache freezes. I haven’t tried it myself but I remember reading one of the other bakers in this group mentioning that. I plan to try it out!

  3. Summer

    They look very lovely and delicious. What’s not to love about them? Oh the stretchy pant fait! I igure if I eat them very quickly it doesn’t count. 😉

  4. Zosia

    I love the idea of a nutella ganache – that would have been a hit here! A few have complained about the sticking but I used bakers joy spray and had no issues.

    BTW, congratulations on your win at Canada’s Baking and Sweets Show!

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