Memories of Meals Past: Caramel Corn and Community

Good for gobbling and raising funds. Because community is one of my favourite words.

Good for gobbling and raising funds. Because community is one of my favourite words.

I work in a medical clinic and at this time of year we take part in a fundraising initiative for a charity called The Farley Foundation. This very worthy organization helps provide people who are on a fixed income, such as seniors, or women fleeing abuse, help to pay for veterinary care for beloved furry animal family members.

One of the initiatives that my clinic did this year was to have a bake sale, where staff and clients worked together to create delicious baked goods to raise funds for The Farley Foundation. I myself contributed a number of items, including caramel corn, triple almond sugar cookies, and spice cake (recipe to come in the next post). Which of course, I must immediately blog about! Immediately being later in the week, so it still qualifies for my Memories of Meals Past #tbt feature!

Caramel Corn...mmph gobble gobble munch.

Caramel Corn…mmph gobble gobble munch.

For the caramel corn recipe,  I used this one, from one of my favourite fun websites, where I often cross-post to. I’ve made this recipe many times, for myself, the DH, guests (who always comment on its addictive nature), and to add to a hostess gift basket with a nice wine (hey, sometimes it’s nice to enjoy a nice wine with some caramel corn while watching some absorbing show on TV — it’s great for a treat to get yourself to relax!).

This time, however, I wrapped them all up in little cellophane bags from the local Bulk Barn, and tied them closed with ribbon leftover from my wedding. I think they look so pretty!

I highly recommend this caramel corn recipe. It’s easier than you think, makes a bunch, and tastes, well, addictive, but without artificial colours or artificial flavours or artificial preservatives. And popcorn is high in fibre. I’m sure you could toss in some roasted nuts if you wanted to switch it up a bit, but I love it as is. The only caveat I will say is to NEVER EVER use microwave popcorn. Why? It’s full of nasty chemicals leaching in from the plastic coated bags! Seriously. Do you have any idea how easy it is to pop some corn in oil in a pot with a lid? Easier than pie. Also, it tastes more like movie popcorn. I dare you to try it. Double dog dare, in fact!

If you try it, let me know in the comments if you really do prefer it over the commercial brands! I’m betting that you will!

Next Post: Spice Cake, Another Ex-Boyfriend Story, and Thanksgiving Hikes.

2 thoughts on “Memories of Meals Past: Caramel Corn and Community

  1. Nisha

    Hi Margaret,

    So glad to find your site and reconnect with you! Incidentally, I was thinking about caramel corn, just having been to a bake sale, and came across this post by accident. How exciting! I have always made my popcorn on the stove so I know exactly what goes in it. Very tasty and just as easy as microwave corn. I find I have far fewer unpopped kernels left at the bottom of the pan. Maybe it’s because the kernels are fresher when they haven’t been packaged in those bags, sitting on the shelf for so long.
    Can’t wait to try the recipe for caramel corn. 🙂

    1. Margaret Post author

      Hey Nisha! Glad to hear from you! And very tickled to hear that you came across the post by accident — that totally makes my day. Also glad to hear of a fellow non-microwave-popcorner. If people only knew how easy it is to make their own, well, everyone would be eating a lot more popcorn. If you do try this recipe, I’d love to hear your thoughts on it! Everyone I know who has tasted it has loved it, and I highly recommend it.
      Take care!


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