Memories of Meals Past: Easy Wine Jelly Cookies

Plated and glistening with a wine jelly filling.

Plated and glistening with a wine jelly filling.

Throwback Thursday on this blog means Memories of Meals Past! In this case, Easy Wine Jelly Cookies! Why wine jelly? Well, because…I happened to have  homemade wine jelly in my fridge, and I wanted to use it up! Waste not, want not, and all that jazz.

The original name of the cookie recipe is Split Second Cookies, from They didn’t quite take a split second to make, but they were definitely easier than making traditional jammy thumbprint cookies, which is the recipe that I had been searching Google for. Would I make them again? Yes…but it wasn’t my favourite recipe. Partially because the dough spread more than expected, and more than the photos in the original recipe showed (and no, I did not make any substitutions to the dough), but also partially because there wasn’t that wow factor. They were nice cookies, but not really worth wasting calories on, you know? I’d rather be eating rummy fruitcake!

Important Fruitcake-related Update: Speaking of which, I had baked the fruitcake sometime last month, and then let it age, occasionally basting it with more rum (because um, yeah!). I served it yesterday, with prosecco, to celebrate the DH’s safe return from South America. My family loved it! As did the DH. I woke up this morning and 1/4 of the fruitcake had mysteriously disappeared. Breakfast of champions, apparently!

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