Memories of Meals Past: Veggie Pot Pie

Veggie Pot Pie, in an all-butter crust. So good!

Veggie Pot Pie, in an all-butter crust. So good!

Veggie Pot Pie…homemade tastes nothing like the store-bought version. Leftover frozen veggies? A random potato or two lying around? A single serving of meat? Toss it all together in a pie crust and pop it in the oven. Yummers! Just typing this makes me want to eat some, and I just had dinner! Seriously though, it’s really good stuff. Healthy, hearty, filling, comfort food. I never really ate this growing up, but I want to integrate it into my own foodie repertoire, because it’s really delicious, and not that hard.

When I made this dish last, I made double the filling, and then just stuck the remainder in the freezer until the next time I made veggie pot pie. The first time I made the dish, I didn’t have a pie plate, so I just used a regular ceramic bowl and then cooked it in a bain marie in the oven. Basically, I put the dish in another dish, and filled the larger dish with water, the same way you’d cook crème brule. The next time I made the dish, I took the frozen filling, and mixed it with some rehydrated TVP for a different (and more meat-like) variation.  Both versions were delicious.

If you make this recipe, let me know in the comments what filling you used — I’m always looking for inspiration!

Next Post: Odd ingredients I have in my kitchen, and how to use them. Or wine jelly. Either or.

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