Salads I Have Known and Loved: Three-Bean Salad & What I Ate for Lunch

Nutrition, but sneaky about it. Tastes better than you'd think!

Nutrition, but sneaky about it. Tastes better than you’d think! Also, forgive the poor lighting — I took it at work with a cat on my lap.

When I was a child, fast food chains often sold a three-bean salad alongside their deep-fried meat products. One could buy little containers of three-bean salad alongside one’s chicken thighs, most likely to assuage nutrition guilt (“I’ll take a bucket of deep-fried chicken, annnnnd a two-bite container of bean salad. That’s a balanced meal, right?”).

For those used to the creamy little bites of coleslaw that are now ubiquitous, let me just say that three-bean salad is even better! It looks disgustingly healthy…but it’s surprisingly delicious!

No, really, it’s capital T Tasty! But the magic is in the dressing. You need to mix up a bit of sweet with the sour, some sugar with the vinegar. The latest recipe that I’ve tried gets it pretty much perfect! This recipe calls for cider vinegar with some sugar, and it really gets that puckering taste right in the ol’…pucker? I had just run out of white sugar, so I used some brown sugar (hey, I’m the queen of substitutions, am I not?) and it was perfect!

Aside from eating several spoonfuls at midnight yesterday (now that’s a midnight snack I can feel virtuous about!), I packed some for my lunch to top my usual green salad with. So yum! I ate it with a purring cat on my lap, and followed it with a clementine and some aqua frizzante (fizzy water, ‘yo), then went for a walk afterwards. My lunchtime has game, I tell you what! (Technically, it should be ‘my lunchtime got game’, but my inner grammarian overrode that.)

So, to sum: make this bean salad! It tastes great, travels well, and only gets better the longer you keep it in the fridge. Vegetables for everyone! (*tosses imaginary vegetables to imaginary crowd like imaginary largesse*)

Next Post: I’m thinking oven-baked spring rolls. Or…the grind-your-own Garam Masala? Eh, eh?  

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