Candy Confections: White Chocolate Candy Cane Bark

Plated and ready to be devoured. At least what's left of it.

Plated and ready to be devoured. At least what’s left of it.

Creamy white chocolate in holiday colours with a sprinkle of crushed candy cane on top — what’s not to like? Just like my Customize-Your-Own Chocolate Bar, this would make for great Christmas gifts!

I thought this up after seeing variations on foodie sites, and whipped it up yesterday. Oh so good! I was hard-pressed not to eat it all last night, but managed to save most of it for a gathering of friends at my place today. Where it was all eaten! Down to the very last crumb. I think that means it was good!

Let’s make some! (Because I want more. Because it’s so good.)

putting it kind of together

Yes, it’s this easy. And crushing candy canes is fun!

White Chocolate Candy Cane Bark

  • Belgian white chocolate wafers
  • green coloured chocolate wafers (a smaller amount)
  • red coloured chocolate wafers (a smaller amount)
  • candy canes

Choose a plastic container (I used a fast-food container — a plastic one, not a Styrofoam one). Melt the white chocolate in a mug or ceramic vessel in the microwave, using 15 second bursts, and stirring in between. Once melted, pour into the plastic container. Melt the red chocolate the same way, and drizzle if over the white chocolate. Do the same for the green chocolate wafers. Using a knife, swirl the colours together gently. Crush your candy canes with a mortar and pestle (or a baggie and a rolling pin) and sprinkle on top of the chocolate. Cool in fridge until chocolate is set. Turn over onto a clean plate, and smack the bottom of the plastic container until the chocolate comes out. Break into small pieces and eat! Or give away as gifts. Or serve to friends. (But it’s so good that you’ll want to eat it all yourself!)

Swirl and sprinkle. Marble-y goodness!

Swirl and sprinkle. Marble-y goodness!

As in the Customize-Your-Own Chocolate Bar post, I’m not giving quantities, because it really depends on the size of the container that you use. And on how thick you want the bark. My advice is not to make it too thick, because it will be hard to break. And remember, you can always re-melt the chocolate or add another layer!

This is such an easy recipe, you’ve got to try it! It looks fancy, but I always feel like I’m cheating by making it, because I’m really just melting chocolate, swirling, and sprinkling. It’s also not TOO peppermint-y, which I like. You could probably up the peppermint factor by adding another layer on chocolate and swirls on top, but I like it as is. If you make, let me know what you thought of it in the comments!

Next Post: Maybe a review of the Gingerbread Buche de Noel from the Cook-A-Long I’m in? Tasty seasonal fun!

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