Lemon Squares, French-Style & How Spring Has Sprung a Tad Early

Stack 'em up -- then eat 'em up!

Stack ’em up — then eat ’em up!

As the east coast (particularly New York and the Maritimes) recover from the Blizzard of ’16, Toronto is experiencing what feels like an early spring. I’ve swapped out my insulated mitts for thin fleece gloves and am *gasp* walking around without a scarf. A friend reported that her seasonal Canadian geese stopped by, a season early. And one of my clients told me today that she saw someone walking around in shorts. Long shorts, mind you, but shorts all the same!

Keeping the spring theme going, my bake-a-long group is baking Dorie Greenspan’s Lemon Squares, French Style, from her Baking Chez Moi cookbook. I tried to bake and post this yesterday, but by the time I had picked up some sliced almonds from the local Bulk Barn, I was too tired. Today after work I came home, and after a nice chat on the phone with a friend, I was re-invigorated and whipped up this lemony treat!

Let me tell you, anything this full of butter, sugar, and eggs has got to be good! There are over two cups of butter in this recipe, and at least as much sugar. There’s almond flour (I used ground almonds. What’s the dif, ‘yo?) and slivered almonds (I used sliced almonds. Again, meh.) in this recipe, and those ingredients up the elegance of this dish just that little bit more.

Layer me up!

Layer me up!

The base is a buttery shortbread, with almond flour mixed in, and baked until golden and fragrant.  Over this, a fresh lemon curd is poured, and then over all that, some more of the crumbled shortbread base with slivered almonds sprinkled all over the top. Baked until puffy and golden, this dish makes me feel very French! (read as Phrench! *using a over-the-top French voice*)

I plan on sending it in to work with the DH. As much as I love lemon squares (and lemon curd! So easy to make and so delicious! I so licked that bowl and whisk), it’s probably better for my waistline not to have a whole tray of them lying around. So…adieu, sweet lemon squares! Parting is such sweet sorrow!

(No one will notice if I eat another one right? Just one more! Maaaaybe two.)

Next Post: Channa Masala-Stuffed Samosas! A punch of protein in a crispy casing.

9 thoughts on “Lemon Squares, French-Style & How Spring Has Sprung a Tad Early

  1. Nana

    I hid mine in the freezer to be removed over time, one by one. They were delicious, but after all the holiday goodies,
    enough is enough. Yours look so light and delicious,
    I’m sure everyone enjoyed them.

  2. Christie

    Definitely agree this was meant for sharing but fantastic. I wear a scarf here in Phoenix when it’s below 70F. My blood must be thin from living out here.

  3. sanya

    I can’t imagine being in a blizzard! I am waiting for signs of autumn here in Australia, I am happy to take a break from all the sand and beach towels 🙂
    I loved this recipe! I kept taking just one more bite…


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