Oatmeal Yoghurt Muffins and the Queen of Substitutions

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Want to know why I call myself the Queen of Substitutions? Well, this recipe is a perfect example! I started with this recipe. But I had leftover instant packets of oatmeal from my last camping trip and wanted to use them up. So I replaced the oatmeal with the random flavoured […]

Syrian-Style Chopped Salad: An Easy Beat-the-Heat Dish!

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn   Inspired by some Syrian-Canadian friends, I made a Syrian-Style Chopped Salad this weekend! This is the perfect dish to make with all the fresh produce available in summer. The primary ingredients are cucumbers, tomatoes, and fresh herbs, and it’s so refreshing to eat chilled for dinner on a hot summer’s […]

Super-Easy Cream Cheese Icing When You Don’t Have Any Cream Cheese

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Cream Cheese Icing is a MUST when making carrot cake, and a HIGHLY RECOMMEND when making pumpkin cake. Last week I baked a pumpkin cake, and went to make the cream cheese icing; however, after looking in the fridge, I realized…there was no cream cheese! Egads! What to do? Well, this […]

Cake Icing 101, Plus How to Make Ganache in a Pinch

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn   This cake-decorating post is coming a week later than planned, as I was away on vacay last weekend. I had thought that I could get the post out beforehand, but then I had minor surgery before we left of vacation, so that put paid to that. As much as I […]

Easy Dutch Chocolate Cupcakes & What To Do When You Run Out of Icing Sugar

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn I had a milestone birthday last week (and no, I won’t be telling you my age. I like some mystery in our blogging relationship, dear reader!) and one of my colleagues gave a present. Best present ever, because it was chocolate sprinkles that she picked up in a local Dutch goods […]